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Food is an essential aspect of Senegal’s culture, identity, and pride. National cuisine is intimately connected to a country’s history, religion, holidays, festivals, climate, geography, and ethnic groups. This connection between food and culture is so strong that it is often said that you cannot know a country until you know its food and food culture.

This comprehensive national cookbook for Senegal provides deep coverage of the country’s national and regional cuisine, dining etiquette, special occasion foods, tea culture, classic recipes in eight categories, local food costs, and sections on national beers, liquors, and mixed drinks.

This cookbook for Senegal contains detailed recipes for the country’s classic dishes in categories of soups, salads, appetizers, main courses, side dishes, breads, and desserts. What sets this cookbook apart from others, however, is its significant coverage of the country’s food culture, ingredients, dining etiquette, special occasion foods, and local food trivia.

This cookbook is recommended for home chefs, cooking clubs, international film and food clubs, professional chefs, and international relocates who wish to learn about Senegal’s cuisine.

Content: This Senegal—Cookbook & Food Culture Report contains 18 content modules, 70+ photographs, and a minimum of 50 pages of editorial.

The 18 content modules for Senegal are:

  1. National Cuisine
  2. Regional Cuisine
  3. Daily Meals
  4. Dining Etiquette
  5. Special Occasion Foods
  6. Did You Know?
  7. Tea Culture
  8. Mixed Drinks
  9. National Beers
  10. National Liquor(s)
  11. Food Costs in 19 Categories
  12. Appetizer Recipes
  13. Soup Recipes
  14. Salad Recipes
  15. Bread Recipes
  16. Main Course Recipes
  17. Side Dish Recipes
  18. Dessert Recipes
  19. Snack Recipes

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