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Nepal Points of Interest

A listing of major sites worth visiting in Nepal
Wondering what to see or do on your trip to Nepal? You'll have it in your hands with this listing of cultural, historic, religious, natural, and man-made sites of interest in the country.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 5 (2204 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Complete Travel Collection

The all-inclusive travel report for Nepal
Whether planning your own trip to Nepal, or planning someone else's, you'll be equipped with the all-inclusive travel report-both of our 'Travel' and 'Points of Interest' reports rolled into one.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 21 (6333 words) Format: PDF



Nepal Complete Society & Culture Collection

An all-inclusive profile combining all of our Society and Culture reports
Need to know it all? Our all-inclusive culture report for Nepal will get up to speed on all aspects of culture in Nepal, including lifecycle, religion, women, superstitions & folklore, sports, holidays & festivals, and etiquette.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 22 (14108 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Religion

Religion in Nepal and its role in culture, society, government, and public life.
Understanding the spiritual roots of a country provides deeper insight into its culture. This informative profile gives you a connecting point for social customs, traditions, behaviors, beliefs, and cultural norms of Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 3 (1864 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Superstitions and Folklore

A profile of the folklore, legends, proverbs, and superstitions of Nepal
Ever wonder about strange behavior? Understanding the fears, myths, taboos, proverbs, legends, and folklore specific to Nepal will help you get a handle on all kinds of cultural oddities.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 4 (3878 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Lifecycle

From birth to death, the stages of life in Nepalese culture.
Humankind may follow a similar progression in the lifecycle, but cultural details differ. From childhood to coming of age, dating, marriage, family and parenting, work life, old age, and death, this report on Nepalese life stages covers it all.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 4 (3145 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Women in Culture, Business & Travel

A profile of Nepalese women in the fabric of society
Women often occupy different roles in a foreign culture. Avoid offensive assumptions and behavior by understanding the position of women in Nepalese society: their legal rights; access to education and health care; workforce participation; and their dating, marriage, and family life.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 7 (3913 words) Format: PDF



Nepal Women in Business

A profile of Nepalese women in the workforce.
Women have different roles in different cultures. Find out what Nepalese women contend with in the workplace, from legal rights to business ownership. Foreign businesswomen will also get a glimpse of what to expect when doing business in Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 1 (710 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Money and Banking

The basics on currency and money in Nepal
Money is a primary need when you are on the road and has the potential to cause major stress. Get the upper hand with this informative report on currency, travelers checks, money wiring, ATMs, banks, and credit cards in Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 20 (1546 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Business Culture

A cultural profile on business in Nepal
Making the right moves in business can make or break a successful transaction. Put yourself in a foreign country and the margin for error becomes greater. Get informed with this helpful primer on how business operates in Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 8 (3495 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Banknotes and Coinage

A comprehensive description of the Nepalese rupee and paisa
Need to know what Nepalese currency looks like? you will see it in full color with this vivid, detailed presentation of the Nepalese banknotes and coin images in all denominations, complete with corresponding descriptions for each.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 15 (940 words) Format: PDF



Nepal Complete Communications Collection

This all-inclusive profile includes all three of our Communications reports: Nepalese Telecommunications, Technical & Internet, and Media Profile
Get all three comprehensive reports bundled into one for a complete media and communications profile of Nepal. An excellent source of practical information, this profile offers an extensive dialing guide with city codes, a listing of ISPs and Internet cafes, profiles of the major media outlets (with contact info!) and more.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 23 (4039 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Media Profile

A comprehensive profile of major TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and ISPs in Nepal
Includes ownership, distribution area, profile and contact information for the major media outlets in Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 6 (523 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Technical & Internet

ISPs, Internet Cafes and how to connect to the World Wide Web in Nepal.
Taking your computer to Nepal? This report covers the plugs you will need, a list of ISPs to contact, Internet Cafes to check out, technical support numbers you hope you will never use and more.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 8 (1146 words) Format: PDF


Nepal Telecommunications

Covers Nepalese dialing codes, using cellular and public phones, postal services, electrical plugs and all your telecommunications needs.
Need to figure out how to dial within Nepal, whether your cell phone will work there, or what the main cellular carriers are in the country? Find answers in this practical guide to phones in Nepal.more >>

Pub: rev 2011 Pages: 10 (2409 words) Format: PDF



Natural Earth Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Natural Earth Map of Nepal
more >>

Outline Map of Nepal

Black & White Digital Outline Map of Nepal
more >>

Outline Map of Nepal With Provincial/State Boundaries

Black & White Digital Base Map in Outline of Nepal with Provincial/State Boundaries.
more >>

Physical Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Physical Map of Nepal Showing Elevation
more >>

Political Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Political Map of Nepal
more >>

Political Map of Nepal with Provincial/State Boundaries

Multi-Color Digital Map of Nepal Showing Provincial/State Boundaries
more >>

Population Density Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Map of Nepal Showing Population Density
more >>

Precipitation Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Map of Nepal Showing Average Annual Precipitation
more >>

Temperature Map of Nepal

Multi-Color Digital Map of Nepal Showing Average Annual Temperatures
more >>

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