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Table of Contents
  • TV Networks:
    • Name
    • Owner
    • Type of programming
    • Language
    • Website or contact
  • Radio stations:
    • Call letters
    • AM/FM frequency
    • Band frequency
    • Region covered
    • Ownership
    • Type of programming
    • Language of broadcast
    • Website or contact information
  • Newspapers
    • Title
    • Frequency of publication
    • Distribution area
    • Publisher
    • Description
    • Language of publication
    • Political affiliation or leaning
    • Website or contact information
  • Periodicals / Magazines
    • Magazine title
    • Frequency of publication
    • Publisher
    • Genre
    • Language of publication
    • Website or contact information
  • Internet Portals and Search Engines
    • Name of site
    • Owner
    • Type of programming (if specific)
    • Language of site
    • URL

Burundi Media Profile

A comprehensive profile of major TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and ISPs in Burundi

Burundi Media Profile

Get in tune with TV networks, radio stations, newspapers, periodicals, and Internet channels with large circulation, popular coverage, or of national importance in Burundi.

Highlights of This Profile

Includes ownership, distribution area, profile and contact information for the major media outlets in Burundi.

Whether you are relocating, traveling, doing business in Burundi, public relations, market research, or simply looking for specific news outlet information, this succinct report provides a great tool for getting an overview of the country's principal media channels and what's happening in the country.

Give yourself a competitive head start in finding advertising opportunities, creating buzz, getting the pulse of the people, or simply getting educated. Burundian media profile will give you an idea of what kind of genre or type of programming each media channel offers-anything from: arts, beauty, business, children, community, crafts, culture, diet, education, entertainment, family, fashion, fitness, food, garden, general interest, government, health, hobby, home, human interest, humor, international affairs, leisure, lifestyle, literary, money, music, news, parenting, people, politics, practical advice, popular culture, religion, sports, travel, women's, and men's interests.

Who Should Buy This Profile

This report offers a primer for marketing, advertising, media, and research professionals; public relations specialists; business professionals, travelers, travel planners; government officials, diplomats; trade professionals; educational institutions; students; exchange groups; religious organizations; missionaries; non-profit groups; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); overseas aid organizations; persons relocating to Burundi; and anyone interested in learning more about Burundian media and culture.

Branding/Premium Sales

This product is available in bulk quantities and can be customized with a cover of your firm's design. Call (US) 1.800.833.8586 x3 or 707.778.1124 x3 for details.

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