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Table of Contents
  • Currency
  • Banknotes
  • Coinage

Solomon Islands Banknotes and Coinage

A comprehensive description of the Solomon Islands dollar and cent

Highlights of This Profile

Need to know what Solomon Islander currency looks like? You'll see it in full color with this vivid, detailed presentation of the Solomon Islander peso and centavo banknotes and coin images in all denominations, complete with corresponding descriptions for each. Get well versed about currency in Solomon Islands to avoid making costly or embarrassing transaction mistakes. The crisp, clear images will help you assess what you'll be handling and what to look for when transacting in Solomon Islands. They can also be used for a high-quality report or presentation

The currency segment supplies the Solomon Islander currency name, its sub currency, the exchange symbol, and alpha and numeric codes. The Solomon Islander peso note and centavo coin images have corresponding descriptions that include size dimensions, weight, shape, material of manufacture, and front and back details. Banknote descriptions also include security features.

Whether you're a hobbyist, businessperson, banker, student, or simply laundering money, this handsome report provides plenty of vivid detail and color to enhance your knowledge of currency in Solomon Islands.

Who Should Buy This Profile

This profile on banknotes and coinage will benefit business professionals, travelers, currency hobbyists and collectors, exchange groups; travel agents and planners, tour organizers, government officials, diplomats; public relations, marketing, advertising, and media specialists; trade professionals; educational institutions; students; religious organizations; missionaries; non-profit groups; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); overseas aid organizations; and anyone interested in learning more about Solomon Islands.

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